Holyrood Archaeology Day 6

Our students (with AOC Archaeology) have returned for another week of excavation at Dunsapie Hillfort. By the end of our first week, we had opened 5 trenches, and recovered almost 100 finds! The students were excited to continue excavation of their trenches and help to answer some of our research questions about the site of Dunsapie Hillfort.

Holyrood Archaeology Day 4

We had a beautiful day on Dunsapie Hill, with the sun shining throughout. This gave us incredible views across the city and Holyrood Park, which allowed us to reflect on the position of Dunsapie Hillfort in its landscape. Trench 4 had an exciting day, with lots of finds – especially animal remains which students were able to identify. Additionally, we opened a new trench. Read on for the student’s experiences!